Will interactions with the device other than touching the screen make you active?

About 20.1 center, will changing the device volume, or plugging/unplugging charger/headphones make you active? If these do, I can think of no way of setting up a device for overnight on a device that does not have a headphone jack.

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I have no idea but wdym by you can’t think of how to set up a device for overnight without a headphone jack? Wouldn’t you just start the flight and get to cruise and then just not touch your device and then go to sleep?

I doubt it as it’s not affecting the actual flight session and your doing something for the device and not interacting with the session. If you touch your screen though then it will.

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The active/away feature will put u on „away“ once there hasnt been any interaction for 2mins

How do you not make yourself active again?
Usually on a long haul, you want brightness at zero. To set that you need to touch your screen, so you have to monitor by listening. If you listen, either you need bluetooth headphones, which will probably disconnect when it runs out, or you need to turn on the volume, but then you can’t turn it down again. The only way that really works if leaving the brightness a bit higher so I can look at the ATC messages for two minutes, which means more likelihood of battery damage…

If you’ve requested to follow your flight plan to your destination, we won’t bother you unless there’s a conflict. Seeing as you’ll most likely prepare your flight for the night (such as decreasing your brightness) while at cruise, the likelihood of you having a conflict with another plane is very slim, especially if you’re at the proper cruising altitude.

ATC won’t bombard you with on-guards as soon as we see you become active. Just decrease your brightness, do whatever else you need to do and then go ahead and leave for the night. It takes two minutes for you to go from active to away, and the chances of interfering with someone while at cruise and within a 120 second span are almost zero. You’ll be perfectly fine as long as you’ve gotten clearance to follow your flight plan and are at a correct altitude for your flight path. :)


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