Will Infinite Flight work on Google Pixel Slate tablet?

My query was whether Infinite flight will work on the newly released Pixel Slate tablet as I was considering buying it as my daily tablet and wanted to if I could use my favorite app on the new ChromeOS? And if it is not currently supported will it be supported in the future?


Hi @jit99

Infinite flight isn’t currently available on any Chromebook laptops, and the Pixel slate will be using a very similar version of chrome OS as it’s mobile counterparts. As the tablet and software haven’t yet been released, it’s difficult to tell whether it will support these kinds of apps.
One thing to note is the tablet will be using an intel me which is more difficult to run and optimise apps for than your standard Snapdragon chip

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Hey, @Dan_77 just to inquire further, I remember not to long ago that Laura said regarding Chromebooks if it is android it should work? Not sure if that is what she meant, I know that Google, inc. Is vetting some chromebooks to handle android apps but not saying that it necessarily means anything…interesting enough though, also, shortly after Laura did make that statement she inquired from the community about a PC version of IF so I really cant say.

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So with Chromebooks, they have access to the web version of the chrome store initially. The play store can be run on some devices, however as far as I’m aware, support is limited and doesn’t work well on devices without a touch input. That wipes out about 80% of the Chromebooks.
Then we run into compatibility issues that Chromebooks face, as the ones I haven’t removed from the list are using some kind of intel core processor, which isn’t as easily compatible with mobile apps as a Snapdragon etc. Which then means, as Chromebooks aren’t Android, you have to run the app as an emulation which just brings more performance issues than worth the effort for.

You’d still be using a touch display so it wouldn’t really be “on PC”

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And thank you @Dan_77 for your input, yes we are continuing this discusion. I appreciate you acknolwedging that fact. And your input.

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Haha the continuation of the discussion was a misclick by me, it added it to the header 😂, but yes, I will keep an eye out. I’m currently working on a modded version of chrome OS currently to see what I can do.

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Good. Because I’m a fan of your input Haha. Really…I am. You.have some darn good technological advice on here and I was going to say that until I saw what I thought was implied that I was off topic from ya lol. I got confused ;). Thank you, @Dan_77 for the clarification

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