Will Infinite Flight save my purchases if I delete it?

Will Infinite Flight save my purchases if I delete it, then reinstall it? I’m trying to delete some apps to save 2 gigabytes. By deleting Infinite Flight, it will save me 2 gigabytes. If I delete it then reinstall it, will it save my purchases such as the 777-300ER, or 787-10?

It will, as long as you restore purchases while signed into the account which bought the aircraft

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@GoofierLeek is right, although it might take some time to redownload everything.

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Ok, thxs! I’ve been hearing problems about the restoring purchases problem, so I wanted and make sure.

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What does that mean? If I bought three in-app purchases, then does that mean it will take some time to load all the in-app purchases that I bought?

It will take about 2 mins per aircraft, depending on your wifi

The heck?! Where do you live? Somewhere in a remote village in Siberia? 2 mins… that takes a while

(30 sec over here)


I live in the countryside in the UK - our wifi is terrible

Oh well… nothing you can do about that ;)

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Yes, as long as you stay in the same operative system with the same google/Facebook account.

Infinite Flight doesn’t save purachases. Your purchases are recorded by your iTunes account. This means you can always download purchases on any Apple mobile device using the very same iTunes account ID. You cannot be charged again unless you use a different iTunes account or were refunded.

Your Live subscription is the only thing tied to your Facebook or GooglePlus account, and can be used as well on another device if you have a valid copy of the app and aren’t already signed in on another device actively using the feature.

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Just a heads up for you. It makes no difference what Facebook or Google account is used in this particular question. :)

What about the live subscription? 😏

You just log back in with your account that you bought live with.

That’s what I meant to say, anyway the problem is solved 😉

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