Will Infinite Flight remember my stats if I switch devices?

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On July 28, my phone broke. Since the cost of the repair was more than the market value of my phone, I decided to get a new one. One can see that I have Grade 3 status with over 350 hours in the sim. I have synced my IFC account with my IF. However, I have not kept my subscription since I thought I would have to wait for a month to get a new phone. That begs the question; Will I still retain my Grade 3 status on IF when I switch devices if I renew my sub today? Thanks for your help.

Yes, everything should be fine when you sign into the app with the correct credentials for Infinite Flight. Your subscription is safe as well. Initially once the app loads, you’ll get prompted with a question about your sub, just tap on ‘I already have a subscription.’


Thank you! I will send an update on Tuesday when my phone arrives.

Hey there, first of all this topic belongs to General I believe

And yes, it will save all ur data in ur account, if u have linked ur IFC account or log in with the same pro subscription it should be there

I made a critical mistake in forgetting to mention that I cancelled my sub after my phone broke. I’ve rephrased the question.

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Did u connect ur ifc to ur account

^^^ If you did you should be able to log in via the IFC and yours stats will be restored.

If you have enough requirements, your grade 3 and all of your data will keep the same when you resub, just make sure you’re using the correct account.

If you are not grade 3 when you resub, don’t be shocked, your activity probably dropped below Grade 3 requirements.

@AGSilver_04 try contacting @moderators they can help

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