Will Infinite Flight Have Everything?

Will there be a time when we will have all the planes that fly in the world plus all the airlines that exist? Because we’re missing a lot of airlines like Chengdu Airlines, Brunei Airlines, etc. We’re also missing a lot of planes like Antonov, Airbus A310, Sukhoi, etc.

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Possibly one day, that’s why we have the #features so you can request things and if there’s enough support for it you may see that aircraft and livery added

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That may take almost a lifetime. Every aircraft can take up to 12 months in which there are thousands of different aircraft.

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Keep in mind that you must be TL2 to post in this category. Or, you can go vote for the ones that have already been created.

For your examples, you can vote for:

Antonov AN-22 “Antei”
Antonov AN-72
Antonov AN-140
Antonov AN-124 Ruslan
Antonov AN-225 Myria

Airbus A310

Sukhoi T50/SU-57
Sukhoi Superjet 100
Sukhoi SU-30MKI
Sukhoi SU-35 Flanker-E
Sukhoi SU-32

To vote for an aircraft that has included your requested liveries:

Chengdu Airlines
Comac ARJ21

Royal Brunei Airlines
Boeing 787-8
Airbus A340-200

Hope this helps!


Mobile technology is slowly catching up to the PC level. When that singularity happens we may have an IF that is veeery detailed yet runs perfectly.

It’s gonna take a long time before that happens but as Nate mentioned above technology in the mobile industry is catching up quick, pretty soon desktops and gaming systems will be a thing of the past in this on the go world we live in .

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We should have 3d Buildings and Clouds after the live cocpit conquest is nearing compleation.

@Nate_Schneller When have they confirmed that? I missed something?

I don’t think there is any simulator that has every plane. So I’m gonna say most likely no.
Quality > Quantity in my opinion anyway.

Omg is this true?? Must’ve missed it!! Where can I find further details regarding this, Nate? Is it somewhere in the last live cast?

Wow. My mind must not be thinking right. Thought I saw it on their Instagram as a reply. That said reply was actually about taxiways somewhere… Very sorry guys. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Look how far we have come with IF. We can fly around the WORLD in real time. And we have many airplanes and airlines. I agree there are somethings that need to be added. Just take into account where we were a couple years ago to now.

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