Will Infinite Flight ever get rid of the grading system?

Probably the most unusual post on here, but I know almost everyone here is active Infinite Flight players, so assuming you guys are grade 3 with tons of landing statuses and grade 4, vice versa. But will Infinite Flight ever get rid of the grading system to determine what server you get to fly in? I understand the rules are set in place so more experienced players can feel like they are in the world with strict ATC rules, compared to new players who are learning the game and mess up a lot.

But I’m asking this question because I’ve played Infinite Flight for years, and have always been at grade 3 to access expert server; but I get sad seeing my grade get dropped just because of inactivity for a week. Though I always work my way up, will their ever be a change for that? Like have a history for players who are experienced and don’t lose that grading system? I’m just wondering anyone else’s thought on this! Sorry if I used the wrong category, my first time on here in a few months since I finished school.

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No - I doubt they ever will.

Thankfully the 90 day requirements for Grade 3 are not that difficult - it’s 10 hours of flight time and 15 landings - you can get that with an overnight flight and 10 minutes of touch and goes.


I don’t think they will. It helps ensure that the Expert Server remains “Expert,” so for more advanced, practiced pilots.

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Yeah I’m doing them right now😭 always do them at ORD

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I know, I assumed in the future it could be potentially different but good point.

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thats another point, half the people on the expert server just did a billion touch and goes and dont really know how to fly in an “expert” setting

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It’s sort of like trying to get rid of the SAT to “make things fair”. Sure, you might meet the end goal, but the overall quality of college students (or in this case expert server players) is significantly hindered.

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