Will Infinite Flight EVER Be This Good?

Skip to 1:10 for the takeoff, and watch for at least 3 minutes.

This is just so… Beautiful… Do you guys think in any amount of time that Infinite Flight will be this good?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe so

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This is BEAUTIFUL. I think it will be this good on the PC platform but definitely not the mobile platform. Don’t expect something like this anytime soon unless the FDS team grows.


Mobile platforms won’t be able to handle things like this and so unless you had a good computer this will never happen and there aren’t high chances of it coming to PC and Mac

Now that I’m skipping through parts of the video, I’m realizing how even more beautiful this is… When I’m older and I actually have a house and start getting money, I’m gonna have to get a good wi-fi service, and a good pc, because I just HAVE to get FSX some day. Beautiful aviation videos like this just inspire me to achieve my commercial pilot goals even more.


Why not start that now? You don’t have to be older to do either of those things. :)

Disregarding that, the scenery is great. That’s not practical on a mobile platform these days, but as technology advances, who knows.


Well because even if I get a job at 16 years old, I won’t have the money to buy an amazing router OR an amazing pc unless I save up for a while.

U guys are missing out

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Don’t make me jealous. ;-;

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Remember that the computer that help the man to go on the moon was quite nothing compared with my actual ipad. We cannot imagine what the next generation will be able to do.

I’m sorry, but flat out no.

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Tablets are always getting more powerful but the will never beat a pc unless pcs go out of faver as old fashioned and bulky and then the tablets will be the future. R

Is this FSX

Of course. It may not happen tomorrow but I’m happy to wait. There’s a dedicated team that engages with their community, and increasingly better devices for lower overall cost coming into the market. The potential is there, certainly.

At some point in time running a simulator on a mobile was impossible, and at some point multiplayer seemed like a pipe dream too, but we have all of that. Same goes for every other feature - a matter of time

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I think it is, according to me playing it right now. It’s either FSX or X-plane.

It is FSX.

My IF looks exactly like this. Do you guys have older devices or older versions or something?

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It would be very unlikely for IF to ever reach this level of beauty. IF is for mobile devices. Mobile devices don’t have super powerful intel i7’s or gtx980’s. And if there was a mobile device powerful enough to do this, you would probably need it to be constantly being charged as your playing because of the battery usage, if constant charging can even keep up

Teach me the way… 😂

Actually I would say hopeless on mobile device. (Not because developers aren’t good, it’s because of capability of device) There is a huge different of specs between mobile and PC or Mac. This could be depend on sizes right?

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I have an iPhone 6s, latest everything, the lighting is familiar, the graphics are similar, but the guages don’t move. I think that will come eventually, but I figure not until global flight is released.

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