Will Infinite Flight eventually crash?

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I am wondering that even with Infinite Flight at its lowest settings will the simulator eventually crash as the RAM usage will get too high?

So is crashing completely inevitable?

Thanks for your help.

This is a little bit vague… There can be any number of reasons that cause an app to crash, such as the device, it’s software, available storage, app version, or even another app running in the background.
Have you experienced/ experiencing a crash on your device?

Also the app doesn’t continue using VRAM till it runs out, there will be a certain allocation that it can use, and it shouldn’t need more than that amount. At low settings, it wouldn’t need much. They usually recommend at least 1GB free RAM on the device


I don’t think so because IF will just require newer phones that are stronger and have higher RAM capabilities and they will update according the the available RAM on the average phone


I don’t know if this is a question or a thing that tries to make you think. But in the end I think not.

My device is the 1st generation 12.9inch iPad Pro with 4GB ram.

I have experienced crashes before and I’m wondering if I even having low graphics can cause crashes.

I’m pretty sure that after 72 hours of flying the game automatically crashes, but unless you’re trying to fly around the world in an XCub you shouldn’t be flying that long

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It is never guaranteed. Older device’s will typically have more crashes than newer devices, but that isn’t always the case. Settings graphics lower, closing all apps and making sure you have plenty of storage is a good way to prevent the app from crashing too much, but eventually devices will become too old and unsupported 🤷

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Depends on multiple system requirements that others have stated. My 10S+ fully crashed and turned itself off while taking off on IF. That is the first crash i have had. I did have some setting on which was making my phone really terrible and it wasnt performing before it.

Pretty much if it is new, it should be able to run it smoothly on higher graphics, old devices (about 4+ years possibly) mighy struggle abit.

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Is it bad if I keep all graphics on low for the flight but have them higher for takeoff and landing?

I reckon IF will eventually find a way to fix it

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I would say takeoff and landing might be on low if there is high traffic at that airport. Too much happening will cause it to crash. Inflight i would always put it on the lowest possible settings because of safety and you not really needing the graphics at that time

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Yeah agree with that. I don’t need high graphics as it is on autopilot anyway.

When changing the amount of aircraft shown to low will this mean that not as many planes will be rendered but you will still see them on the map or does it mean that you are not flying with that many planes at all?

Hopefully you can understand.

Basically does reducing the live airplane count reduce the amount of planes you fly with or the number of planes that are rendered?

It will reduce the number of aircraft rendered on screen. So aircraft right next to you will still show up, but the rest will be simply their display name and box if you have it enabled. Your map will still show all aircraft as usual.

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Great! Thank too very much for your help.

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Less planes shown in 3D the better, but it still gathers and processes the boxes etc.

It will defiently help alot as that is the main problem, to much processing for a old/cheap phone/tablet can cause it to crash

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Yes that would be great. I think the devs have found a cause and are looking into it. Apparently as soon as 19.4 came out there has been an increased crash rate.

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So from what I can tell, is it possible to run Infinite Flight on the lowest settings without it ever crashing?

Or will crashing occur at some stage during any flight possibly due to the RAM leaks with iOS 13?

Your flight should not crash if you have a iPad new iPhones (10/11) but if you have a phone like a 8 and under, the yes the flight sim can crash sometimes, but only if the flight sim is running for 14+ hours, so if you have a 8 and under and you are doing Perth to London, do not count on it to be all good the whole time. But if you have a good iPad or a really new and good iPhone, Sure go for it!!!

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