Will Infinite Flight be available for the Samsung Galaxy S7?

If you don’t know, the S7 is being released Friday, March 11. And I plan on upgrading my old crappy phone LG Optimus G LS970 with the highest Android available for the phone which is aka Android Jellybean to the S7. I know that Infinite Flight is already released for Android new software’s Lollypop and Marshmallow. And I pretty sure since their is no new Android software at the moment being released any soon after Marshmallow that the S7 will startwith Marshmallow as their first Android software. The question is will the game Infinite Flight already be in the play store since it was already released on Marshmallow or would the game need to be released for the phone itself?

Someone have say Infinite Flight is working actually great in the S7

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Some of Samsung Galaxy S6 have been updated to marshmallow and since both the S6 & S7 have the same screen specifications so I reckon it should work fine (don’t take my word for 100% tho)…

Great news to hear. Can’t wait for the phone release.

Yeah I agree, based on research the S7 barely has more features that the S6. Sounds good to hear.