Will IFATC bother you if you're cruising (Expert)

If I’m cruising and my destination isn’t at the airport controlled by IFATC do I need to tune into departure or approach? Or do I just continue my course and avoiding traffic on my own when needed?

You shouldn’t need to contact them, typically they will look at your altitude, and ignore you if you are high enough.


They will not bother you if you’re cruising along your way. Anytime you’re above FL180, you shouldn’t be talking to ATC unless you were talking to Center. Which we no longer have.

Anytime you’re below FL180, its important to keep an eye out for any approach or departure frequencies that are active.

If ATC sends you an on-guard warning when you’re cruising above FL180, please message me. I’ll give them a slap on the back of the head as they’re trained not to do that.


depends on your cruise altitute. if ypu are passing bellow fl180 and 50nm from an airspace controlled by approach or departure consider contacting.
if you are passing above the airport anywher around 2500ft agl consider requesting transition. rest you can proceed on course.

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I can’t guarantee that if you don’t respond to our requests, there won’t be a whole fighter jet fleet scrambled and a swat team sent to your location


I sense you being unhappy with the lack of Center…

I’m neutral. Would it be nice to have? Absolutely. Are we surviving without having it? Yeah and operations work just fine right now.


Okay, just checking. Something about the italics conveyed a certain tone.

It was put like that so that it was clear to anyone who read it to not make the assumption that we have it back.

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Ah, that clears it up.

I think center would be hard, since most of our pilots are not with their devices on the 8th hour of a 19 hour flight. So unless they would be lenient about people responding to them it would be hard I think…


I’m taking a guess here. If you are at cruising altitude and above FL180, they won’t bother you. And maybe if the airport they are controlling is really busy, they might check and move on.

I don’t quite understand what requesting transition does…

transition means when you intend to just fly over a towered airspace you dont want to land just fly across the airspace. the tower will then give you a transition altitude. "transition aproved at or above say 2500. it means maintain altitude 2500 or above and you can fly through and across that airspace. :)


I agree
When we fly long flights we don’t just stay in the cockpit like the pilots do.
A lot of us do long flights while we’re are sleeping,out of the house ,etc


IFATC won’t bother cause they understand where you are going and your ALT.
They also should know we are not with our devices all the time


😂u just made me happy

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I don’t think they would. The have once to me. I was enroute from KSAN to KPDX and I flew over LAX (which was a active airspace on Expert) and he told me to contact him. By the time I contacted him I left his airspace. I was at FL250


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