Will IF ever experiment VR flying?

Hello! I just wanted to know if IF will ever experiment with Virtual Realty flying. Personally, I think it would be a really cool and new perspective to add. Thanks!

P.S. Tgis is not under “Features” because this is a question.


How are you gonna control your screen if you’re in the game :D


You could use your own yoke, throttle and brakes. If you could position the flying equipment right that would be an awesome waste of time for something only the elitly rich would use when FDS could be working on better things.


I think able to run IF on VR would be pretty cool but VR is still relatively new, and there is still alot more stuff to be added to IF before FDS probably even thinks about it. If support for VR comes, it would probably be around the 2020 mark my wild guess.

I recon VR would be something that would be added further down the line as the technology is fairly new and only a handful of sims actually utilise it.

Hopefully one day they will add support for vr gameplay but at the moment I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

You could use the control sticks that come with the VR headset @Pradyut_Mandal

Infinite flight has to go through a lot of features before they can work on VR. Because it is virtual REALITY, having a screen with flight info on it would be a little unrealistic on a lets say an a330. There should a working PFD

(background) Matt? Matt come here please… please?

VR global would be kinda cool, eh?

I mean, this is pretty close.

Oh my God I’d be sick immediately but this seems fun


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