Will IF do the same as RFS?

Hello, it is message to all IF staff.
Just now RFS is blocking their services for Russian players.
I believe that IF is higher than politics and will never di the same as RFS staff done…
Can anyone of staff answer me, IF will work for all Russian and Belorusian players as it worked everytime? I hope yes…


We haven’t changed our availability on the App Store or Google Play at this time and don’t have any immediate plans to do so.

The situation is changing quickly though in terms of sanctions which may affect our ability to keep offering the same service. One external change we’ve been made aware of today is Google Play is pausing their payment system for users in Russia (as they don’t support MIR), which will likely impact Pro subscribers. The app is still available since it is free. More info is here on Google’s site:

We’ll let you know if we have more information to share


So if i will pay from Apple i will still able to do that? Or maybe i will ned to use QIWI for example?

Apple haven’t announced any changes, so for now, subscribing on iOS should work normally (the App Store also supports MIR). Though this is changing quickly and we don’t have any more information on this right now.


I’ll throw in a point of mine here,

I dont see how blocking access to IF for Russian players will do anything useful. Yes there is a war and people think there are heroes and wnemies in this conflict, but the only change is that it is restricting access to the masses that have nothing to do with these events, especially in an evironment where in this case spreading disinformation to support one side does virtually nothing good for both parties.


You’re so right canceling Infinite Flight for Russians would only hurt The people of Russia not the government


Cameron stated that it wasn’t their choice to take the availability of Infinite Flight away from Russian residents. It’s Google Play store that made initial move to halt transactions through Russia. I’m guessing the App Store will do that sometime soon. I wouldn’t say it’s the IF Developers that have the intentions of removing IF from Russians.


I have wanted to ask the same question as I personally think a statement would be nice from IF showing how they are potentially helping in the crisis :)

Game is game, the game doesn’t need a political stance as IF always does. I don’t think a game need to help ’crisis’ anyway.