Will IF Dev Team pull liveries if they are decommissioned or orders cancelled?

This seems to be a off shoot from the B787-10 discussion giving it a proper topic might be a good idea.

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I see it pointless to remove aircraft that have taken the devs time to make, however perhaps aircraft should not be made for IF until they are actually delivered, to avoid the cancelled orders and unrealistic liveries.


That doesn’t bother me actually.

They should remove to maintain realism I think.

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Maybe have a legacy server for aircraft people have bought but still want to use who knows

We still have Pan Am livery…


PMDG is one of the most respected sim aircraft maker out there, they have plenty of fictional liveries available IIRC.

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Jarno does the liveries

I get that but infinite flight is a business the idea of a business is to make a company different from the competition to attract more customers

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That exactly the point well done for spelling it out. Some people like flying decommissioned aircraft

Let’s be clear here, this INFINITE Flight. @AmericanAirlines, I will never understand why people like you feel this type of way. Not trying to be rude or anything, so what if KLM is getting there -10 in 4 years. With the success of their -9s I’m almost 100% positive that KLM won’t cancel ALL orders for the -10. And Yes, KLM did cancel orders for the -9 but some of them were for more -10s. And about what you said this being a marketing strategy… it clearly isn’t. Laura already stated that they’re a step ahead so that they don’t have to hear requests for the KLM 787-10.

What I’m trying to get at is, that they’re is no point debating not to have the -10 in the game until it is “realistic” because Laura already addressed they are adding it anyway. And like she said, there is a code if you don’t want it in your game until it’s “realistic”

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PMDG isn’t competition, not even close.

Don’t fictional liveries make differentiate Infinite Flight?

Not all businesses rely on being different, the differentness has to provide a big enough captive audience that will pay a higher price to offset the lost customers due to the differentness.

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True but this isnt relevant to Infinite Flight. IF has a unique sell point in the regard that it tries its best to create an authentic flight physics experience for its customers compared to other apps which invest less time into their flight physics.


Thats up to you I’m not saying they should be removed. I’m saying that to maintain the realistic experience especially in the Advanced server they shouldn’t be there

Sorry but you just contracticed yourself

By definition that makes them a competitor.

Don’t argue for arguments sake. Bro

I meant in the 787 tracking thread

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If it’s all about physics, why should customers care about liveries?

But the experience isn’t realistic, plenty of people use aircraft that do not belong in that region, should be ban those people too? Not even big ATC networks on P3D and FSX force this level of restrictions on their non-paying clients.

I’m afraid I didn’t, PMDG’s aircraft are $89-150 each, not including the base simulator, and a computer powerful enough to run all the eye-candy. If you knew so much about business, you should know that they will not take customers away from each other. PMDG’s clientele wants a serious experience, checklists, every button is clickable and it will affect the aircraft. IF’s planes are amateur hour compared to those planes, they simply are not in the same experience bracket.

I think the best thing to say is, if a plane is decommissioned, keep it, it’s historical. If it was canceled, scratch it, it’s something that never happened. I think planes should be thought through before making them, but with planes inevitable like the KLM 787-10, I can see the reasoning to make it.

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