Will IF be updated for iPad Air? (3rd Generation)

I bought the new iPad Air and I have started to play IF on it. I think because it is a new device, the letters and buttons are very tiny and hard to read in the app. Are the buttons always like that on tablets or does the app need to be updated in order to have full compatibility?
Thank you.

The app needs to be updated for full compatibility, this was the same issue I had with my new iPad Pro (2nd gen) the team has to get a hold of a device(s) to code it for that device. Until then, you’ll just have to wait unfortunately


Ok awesome! I don’t mind waiting at all.


Yeah, it can be frustrating at times, but if you can remember what each button does and can access it, flying wont be that difficult. Happy flying ✈️

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Ive been playing IF on my iPhone for 4 years lol so I am familiar


I don’t know if it is just my device but since the update with the a330, the graphic on my game have got considerably worse and I was just wondering if there was a way to fix it on the iPad Air 3. Thanks for your time!

From the main menu check your settings.

Anti aliasing should be on.

Rendering Quality: Ludicrous

Textures: High

@ATC Hello and welcome!

Many, many other people had the very same problem as you. I suggest looking it up on the #support category and I guarantee you will find the solution. You can create a separate topic in this category above if you won’t be able to find the solution.

Anyways, you should not worry. Try not to avoid any off topic comments here as this topic is in relation to device compatibilities. Thanks

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Thanks guys it’s looking great now, this game is well worth the money!

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