Will IF be compatible with iOS 12 and the new iPhones?

Apple has announced that iOS 12 and the new iPhone XR,iPhone XS,and iPhone XS MAX will be coming out soon but will IF be compatible with these new software and devices? Especially with the nearing release of the TBM,I think that IF should be compatible with iOS 12. I’m not sure about the new iPhones though,because:



Who in their right mind would spend $1,449 on a phone?!

Well,iOS 12 is a totally different thing.
It is similar in aesthetics to iOS 11, but contains numerous performance, security, and battery-saving updates, as well as added functionalities to some apps. It is intended to be released today,September 17th 2018.

I don’t know if making IF compatible with this will increase the amount of players,but it may help in making it more modern.

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Of course they are going to update it… why wouldn’t they?

Also, it runs fine on the iOS 12 beta.


I have had the iOS 12 Beta running on my iPhone 5S and my iPad Air for the past few months and Infinite Flight works fine albeit a bit slow but only due to the older devices.

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Yeh . They will be compatibe and it would be awesome

Well if course it will! As more OS’s are added to to this of types of OS’s supported, the more older ones will be cutoff.

I have IOS 12 on my IPhone 8 currently and it supports IF like IOS 11 did, as said above every device from the 5s to the devices being released this week will be able to run infinite flight ✈️

I have been using iOS 12 Beta for the past couple of months. Whatever bugs it may have had never effected Infinite Flight. As others have said of course they will update. That’s probably when they’ll drop in the TBM as well. Give it a couple weeks.

Of course it’ll update… every iOS update, Infinite Flight will update to be compatible with that update, unless they stop supporting Infinite Flight.
It’ll also be compatible with the phones… because it’s a new iOS device that a lot of people will buy. It’s not really ever a question, until Infinite Flight stops being regularly updated.

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