Will I still be able to become a pilot even if I have a hearing aid

Hello I have a question for any real world pilots put there on the forum. Would I still be able to be a airline pilot if I have a hearing aid? It is only on my right ear.
Thank you and happy landings!

Talk to your local AME


Which type of license would you be applying for?
(EASA? FAA? etc.)
(I have mild brittle bones and am able to get a class 1 CAA medical for any license)

I haven’t really done any research into flight schools I only started research at the beginning of the month

I can certainly say I fly a lot with the older generation of pilots who have lost hearing of certain high-pitched frequencies (thanks to turboprops, military flying and early low-bypass jets) and they are quite able to fly commercially in Australia provided they undergo a test to ensure their hearing aid functions correctly and all the warning chimes and bells can be heard easily in the flight deck. I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of your chosen career path… seek the advice of a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (or equivalent where you live) and go from there. Best of luck with your career!


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