Will I quit infinte flight?

The new update has made IF a lot laggier.


I wasn’t aware Samsungs came with grizzly bears in them…

Just kidding, whether you upgrade is up to you. We can’t do much about that.


I agree 100%

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Yeah I know thanks though

You’re welcome. Was there a discussion to be had? Argument to be made?

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I’d wait to try the new hotfix, hopefully you’ll see some improvement after the new hotfix becomes available. What are your graphic settings, specifically?

I agree, but as IF evolves so does the device you need to use. I can’t use my tablet at all, so I switched to my phone for just out of interest, and luckily it can handle full our max graphics almost no lag! (You can see the FPS, but not laggy laggy) Samsung Galaxy A40


While the community constantly expects upgrades to the sim (live cockpits, clouds, weather, ground lighting, etc.) they don’t seem to understand that this requires higher processing power. It’s already amazing what FDS has accomplished on mobile devices.

You need to either lower your graphic quality or upgrade your device; it’s no different from gaming on a CPU. My old computer used to lag a lot with FSX after I downloaded more liveries, planes, and started playing online. I didn’t blame it on the sim however, my computer simply couldn’t handle the graphics or RAM required to run all the add ons.


Oh I understand but I don’t have the money to get get an iPad and it’s not worth the pro subscription if I can’t use it

The amount of airplanes seen in live mode (low)
Both renderings (low)

Do you have your airplane count on low? This can make your performance bad on busy airports.

Make sure to turn off anti-aliasing.

It is off 👍

Yup and I do avoid busy airports

How about texture quality, anti aliasing and limit frame rate?

Yup everything is on the lowest setting possible

The galaxy tab a6 is a pretty old tablet now with it being released 3 years ago.

In addition to that, unlike iPads, most android tablets are created for the purpose of productivity and not gaming thus why they always come with lower specs compared to phones.


Yeah thanks man I’ll just be saving for a few years

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And I only got it in April so that’s a bummer

The tablet is sadly not powerful enough to run infinite flight aswell as other games such as pubg at higher settings.

I highly recommend saving a bit and investing in a newer iPad like the iPad 2018.

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