Will I quit infinite flight?

Hello, I notice that when I’m not logged in and I fly solo it doesn’t show it in my logbook

do you have an active subscription


Those don’t answer my question

Huh? ;) Not following.

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Which logbook are you not seeing any flights from? Screenshot please :)

And have you made any flights in Solo, on this specific device since installing the app/reinstalling?

Yes today I did

Odd. I just checked on my phone, logged out and it still shows?

Don’t know but it doesn’t show

Did you uninstall and reinstall earlier today? Uninstalling the app will remove the solo logs.

Nope I haven’t

@schyllberg any leads

Sorry to be a bother but I know mods and staff are taking a break but I want to know if it’s a problem that has to be looked into

There has literally been 30 mins since your last reply to the topic. The team is aware of your issue and will deal with it when they find the time to do so. Just have some patience… people sleep, you know? ;)

Well I’m just saying because they said mods and staff etc can take a break until the new year

Yes exactly, which is the whole reason to be patient! They are giving up their time to help you!

They’ll be back soon, and hopefully they’ll get it fixed :)

I will always remember that

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