Will I get grade 4 back?

so basically I was doing EGCC to fact and I went out and I came back and I crashed and received 5 violations and went down to grade 1 will I get grade 4 back?? I think I went out too long


You will receive grade 4 back in 7 days :)

Just for verification, can you send a picture of your grade table?

you wen’t down to grade one? how is dat even possible?

It may seem like I got 6 violations but I received one for taxiing too fast earlier today

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:( you’re in casual for a week. But you will get it back.

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At least I get to go on training tomorrow which I guess is decent

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oh yeah. thats decent.

You will be back in 7 days :)

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I hope I am

For now jist wait a week and everything will be bacl to normal

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