Will I get disconnected if I watch a IF replay on my iphone while having an active flight on my IPad?

Hello IFC, I have a question about the limitations my account can do at once. I know for sure you cannot fly two different flights with the same account at once but I was wondering if this still applies to replays since it’s technically using the internet to load the replay. Thank you and good day!

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I wouldn’t have thought so since you wouldn’t be on the live server on replay but i may be wrong

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Well even if you start a solo flight on another device you would be disconnected regardless since you’re using infinite flight pro features on both devices.

replay isn’t a pro feature though so it might work… maybe test it out and see if it works :)

That’s why I wonder with replays since some replays become inaccessible after your infinite flight pro subscription expires.

Hm, I have seen someone report he can fly on Solo while flying on live, but I have never tried it out. I also could have sworn I read somewhere that some of the people with the most flight time fly on two servers simultaneously. Probably I remember it wrong though, since I didn’t manage to recreate it.

I will try to find an answer on the IFC

Here is what I mean:

Apparently it’s possible since 2020!
This leads me to believe that you can also watch replays if they were flown on different servers, but that might be totally wromg

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I don’t know because I started a solo session on my iPhone whilst flying online on my iPad and when that happened the throttle was cut and was disconnected from the server.

I also have a question about if I can do ATC at the Training Server while having an active flight on the Expert Server.

After finding out on my own end, I will confirm that you can do both of these things! All is solved!



It did not work when I tried it out.

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Because it has to be on a different server

I saw that too, if thats the case, you can probably watch replays

Yes exactly that!

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