Will I ever be grade 5 again?


You will automatically become a Grade 5 in 1 week. You went to Grade 2 because you got 1 report in the passed week :)

Just a minor correction, but he was ghosted/reported :)

(There is a difference in the 2)

As said above though, just 1 week and you’ll be back. Looking at your stats though, if you get 1 more report before another one falls off, you won’t be able to access Expert until the first report you get falls off

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You can be grade 3 in 7 days. You can not be grade 4 until your reports in the last 2 years wear off. Meaning you probably won’t be grade 5 for at least 1 1/2 years.


Yea, It could be some time till you can reach Grade 5 again…

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As mention above, you will become a Grade 5 pilot in around two years unfortunately. I highly suggest that you fly on the casual server for the next two years.


Yes but he has 1 more ghost until he would get a year ban playing expert

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Oh ok never mind, I’m Grade 5 so I don’t have access to that information.

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It’s true, since I’m the highest grade I can’t actually find out how many violations and reports a Grade 5 pilot can have before being downgraded.

No yeah i undertsand :D

Besides everything everyone has said so far, another thing to note is your Landing/Violation Ratio in the Past 90 Days.

You’ll need to bring that stat down to 0.05, as it currently is 0.06

So that’s one more criteria to work on as well.

Here are the Grade 5 Requirements. Feel free to compare it to what you are at now :)

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I’ve been grade 5 before for a little while but then I got a violation and stayed a grade 4 ever since

A violation should have only kept you from being grade 5 for a week, though.

No, unfortunately you cant.

Of course you can, its up to your skills.

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7 reports is not nothing… if you don’t understand the ATC instructions, it is helpfull to watch the tutorials on youtube!

I’m still grade 3…I have 1 report, 187 landings and 73 landings.

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