Will I be able to load into global? (SOLVED)

(UPDATE) @Adrien @KapitanBrozy @Sal @Tyler_Shelton Thanks guys, appreciate the help.

Hi, I finish school in 2 hours, and I plan on flying this route
Paris Charles de Gaulles - Lisbon.
Are the servers packed or should I be able to join?


I had no issues to join the server on my last flight. Check out the topic below for the actual status. :)


If you’ve gotten the update you should be able to join, but this is usually on a case by case basis. The servers are still facing some issues till now and aren’t yet in optimum condition.

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You should be able to join anywhere now no problem, I join in couple of seconds it’s really good runs perfect :) enjoy!

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Thanks for helping him, gentlemen! :)