Will i be able to get new a330 update even if my tablet is 32 bit?


Just wondering if i will be able to get the new a330 update even though im still stuck on 20.3?

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Unfortunately, you won’t. All updates after 21.1, including the one that the A330 would be coming in, would be only downloadable for 64-bit devices.


well it looks like i wont be enjoying IF anymore :(

Luckily, you will still be able to enjoy all of the wonderful things we have in Infinite Flight already. :)

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This is probably something to best let staff take a look at. They can probably provide more insight of whether there could be possibilities


true, and i guess once i get the Tab S7 (nearly halfway saving up for it) there will be a huge change ;)

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lol it would be a miracle if they could get 3D buildings and clouds on 32bit devices, i really hope they could find a way to

Well 3D buildings will most like only stay on current compatible devices. Not entirely sure about plane updates and additions

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Unfortunately not.

Future additions to Infinite Flight will require the most recent version of the app. 20.3 was the last version that will include 32-bit support.