Will I be able to be a pilot?

Hello I have a question will I still be able to be a pilot if I break my leg or foot or won’t I? I am asking this question as I’m clumsy sometimes so I fall over and I want to be careful so I don’t break it.


Seeing as a broken leg doesn’t last forever, and that you (hopefully) don’t break your leg twice a year, I’m pretty sure you can be…


Most people who haven’t been able to get a class 1 medical, myself included, often find it’s to do with eyesight (colour perception in particular) and hidden heart problems.

Even then you can usually get a lower class medical and fly small planes, gliders and get your PPL.

Broken bones should be fine as long as all healed up properly.


My uncle is a pilot, but has serious foot pain from a car accident 6 years ago or so.

He is still ok to fly (obviously he cannot take some of his painkillers)


That must of been tough for your roommate !

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Just don’t fall, sit, relax, ride.


Suggest before you start training as a professional pilot that you go and see if you can get your class one medical first ( well at least after a trial flight to make sure you enjoy being at the pointy end).


Clumsy and aviation don’t mix don’t be clumsy.


No, you’ll need to find another job, you can’t even be a receptionist for the airline, sorry about it.


That’s a joke right?

Well it wasn’t that funny…

Class 1 medical are hard, I was denied one due to childhood epilepsy. However, in regards to your question about broken legs etc, the Civil Aviation Authority grants class 1 medicals for people with prosthetic legs and arms, so I think a broken arm/leg would be fine!

Okay, thank you very much!


If you pass your 1St class medical you should be fine


There not hard if you’re in good health.

The European / EASA medicals are stricter compared to the FAA medicals - borderline dranconian in some aspects.

IMHO The FAA are well ahead in their attitude to aeromedicine and health. You literally have US pilots flying US airliners in to Heathrow, who would not get a European class 1 medical. Crazy.

You should be able to. My cousin has a messed up knee and she flies UH-60s

Broken Foot= No Rudder Control
Broken Leg= No foot use and no rudder control.
Broken Hand= No Yoke but joystick possible.No other control possible.
Broken Arm= What are you doing in a aircraft?

Thats where you are incorrect, you don’t fly a yoke with two hands. If you are, you are doing it wrong. Its a big misconception.


I’m clumsy too. Don’t worry, your legs won’t break.