Will Global be included in Live+?

I am thinking about getting live + . However, I do not then want to spend even more money on global. Does anyone know if glibalnwill be included in live +?

No one knows. The devs might possibly know, however, I would purchase Live for a month and then see if Global has been released - and if it’s apart of Live+

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We still don’t know about this. Though I’m suggesting you to buy Live+ instead (For all Planes + all Regions). Even if Global is excluded from Live+, You can buy another IAP for it

If you are still not sure with your decision, Maybe you can buy Live (Monthly) instead ;)

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Even if it wasn’t Live+ is wellllllll worth the money.


Most likely live+ will have some sort of discount or it will be used for global. I have no idea but you will have to wait till summertime 2017 (ish) if you don’t want to buy it so yea

I understand live + is well worth the money hence my interest in it. It’s just I would rather wait to know if global is included as I wouldn’t really want to make another purchase on top of live +

Live should stay the same and make live+ global

We currently do not have any release date. Stop speculating, some people might actually wait until then, and if it’s not released by then, complain

The thing I hate about Live + is that it’s a yearly subscription that needs to be renewed. I’m not a fan of that, I would much rather buy the planes and regions seperately.

Maybe have it so that every month or so a random plane or region is unlocked permanently. (Sorta like a reward program)

Yeah, thats one of my issues. I’m slowly buying each plane and then moving onto the regions. (I’m not saying I haven’t purchased any regions yet.)


Wouldn’t work, not gonna pay the bills if they just give away planes

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Not quite sure how that would work. I agree with @Robertdiaz123


True. Well 50 dollars a year is nothing to complain about and I would willingly pay it. But not a fun feeling knowing after about 2 years of playing you haven’t earned anything permanently…

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Paying for everything seperately pays off in the end, it’s more cost effective. After so many years, you are all set, no need to keep paying $50 a year for planes, regions, and live

No, not even the devs know.

I never said they did know. I said they might know.

This topic does not make sense I hope a moderator closes this

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Yeah, I just wanted to confirm it for you.

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