Will every single 737 max livery get added?

I’m only talking about the ones that have it’s own feature request

I wouldn’t say so. When the time comes the developers will probably add the livery’s with over 30 or 50 votes 🗳️ that’s my guess

Yea there are countless liveries


Unless they look at all the main operators of the MAX. Like American United American Airlines air Canada then Europe Ryanair Tui Norwegian or something like that 🤔


Can we get some time to piece things together before we even start wondering about these things? ;)

We will literally not have the answer to every question the same day it was announced after a weekend.


It’d be nice to have every single operator of the Max 8. I wish we knew what determines the amount of liveries for each model when there’s a new release/rework.

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I just wish they would add Lynx Air. They were an airline operating in canada for a while but shut down recently, and I thought that they had a cool livery, basic, but cool.

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They could still add it u never know maybe make a request for that livery and it could be added.

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Maybe. Personally, I don’t find what’s so cool about it. I’d rather have say, a cabin, or other liveries. But that’s just my opinion.

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Yeah lol, we’re just excited. We’re dreaming.

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Sweet. Yeah I like this a lot.

The good news is that the 737 MAX 8 will probably be developed in a short amount of time. After all, it is the same flight model as the current 737 NG, just now with new engines, winglets, and cockpit screens.

Better yet, the model already exists. They give a small look at it in the latest IG post. From what I’ve observed, it looks like both aircraft could be out by the end of this year as the A320 shouldn’t be all that much work but then again, I’m no developer…

Will it have a passenger cabin

Refer to what Schyllberg said above.

They wont be using the existing 737 Model for the MAX as that will cause inaccuracies and a sub par model.

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