Will EHAM Become Royal Amsterdam Airport Schiphol?

On September 19th this year EHAM will be 100 years old.
The airport might be getting the ‘Royal’ status.
At this time it’s unknown if the Dutch king will give Schiphol that title.
It does have a nice ring to it.
It would be the perfect name for Royal Dutch Airline’s (KLM) home base.


Really, the airport is that old?

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I like the current name, Though without a title, it still looks great for me :D

Though I’ll appreciate Dutch’s King decision to give the airport a title ;)


Wow,Really old airport but still beautiful

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Hey! I’ll be flying there on Sunday :D

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It really is that old! 😉
Major changes have been made over the past 100 years.
The airport is constantly modernizing and expanding.


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