Will EHAM be busy today

I’m currently doing Doha-Amsterdam
I Just realized ATC is also open in EGLL :/ if I knew I would have flown to EGLL instead cuz I like busy airports, do y’all think EHAM will be busy enough today as long as EGLL is open ? Thank You.

To be honest with you when EGLL is open it takes literally all the traffic away from other airports. But considering EGLL-EHAM is a good short flight, it might a busy corridor and get as busy as EGLL .


You’re right, that’s what I was thinking EGLL takes all the traffic from other nearby airports :/ Have a wonderful day =)


How about EDDF today?

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There will most likey be some traffic at EHAM. People love to do EHAM - EGLL , so i think you have nothing to worry about :)

EDDF might have even less traffic than EHAM as people love to do EGLL—>EHAM probably. Have a wonderful day =)

You’re right =) I hope there will be a lot of traffic, have a wonderful day.

You too :)

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Yeah no worries, am a long way from frankfurt now. About 8 hours away.

Great =) I’m almost 5 hours away from EHAM, Happy Landings and enjoy your flight =)

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Just wondering what’s your call sign? Mine is AIVA161

current planes flying to EDDF

Planes currently flying to EHAM

Planes currently flying to EGLL

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Mine is Qatari 273 =)

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There are currently 23 inbounds to EHAM. You can monitor them here, at IFATC.org. As well as it’s ATC status.

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Great to know, thanks for the link, hope there will be more of them bound to EHAM ;) Have a wonderful day =)

I’m inbound to EDDF 😬😬 so cant help ya there haha

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LooL ;) I wish if I was Flying to EGLL Instead ;) Happy Landings!!

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You can always divert

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Same here See you there

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Of course but I’m doing the flight using my old iPhone it’s at home, I won’t be at home until 30 minutes before arrival ;) so I’ll keep it to EHAM