Will departing from the US east coast now be a good idea?

I’m trying to start a flight that departs from KCHS and I noticed the current METAR to be 30017G29 kts and I thought of the recent hurricane Florence. Are these two related? Should I wait awhile for winds to be calmer as this bad wind condition is going to go on for days?

Are we talking IRL? Or in IF?

In IF, how the winds IRL affects IF gameplay.

yes that is from flo and yes she will be there the next day or so

If you haven’t noticed Infinite Flight uses live weather so yes they are related.

Yeah, they are. Infinite Flight has real live weather, so if there is a hurricane IRL, its in IF. Except, you don’t see the hurricane, you just get the effects of it. If wind and fog is somewhere in real life, you will see it in Infinite Flight

Tried taking off using rudder control but failed as aircraft deviated to one side of the runway at liftoff due to wind gusts. It’s difficult trying to align the aircraft with the runway center line right now.

it will suck because Florence is massive and airports from SC to BE and winds are strong alongside with the poor visibility.expect lots of groundstops and airport closures

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I’m curious, is KCHS airport closed IRL?


Current winds in the US right now!



Look up the wind limitations for your aircraft to determine if taking off is a worthwhile airport.

Departing in these conditions will require a tremendous amount of control of the aircraft.

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

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Yes, according to this NOTAM the airport is closed


Incorrect information. You only receive the winds from a hurricane. Fog wouldnt exist in 80mph winds to the best of my knowledge.

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Yeah, I mean if there is fog in real life, it’ll be in Infinite Flight, Should’ve worded it better, my bad! Also edited out the rain part because obviously that doesn’t exist in IF.

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According to these graphics, there’s considerable fog related to this storm. For first image is the AIRMET SIERRA, depicting IFR conditions. Second image is flight category, or airports reporting IFR conditions.

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