Will commercial aviation ever takeoff at San Bernadino International Airport?

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Even though San Bernardino (KSBD/SBD) is an international airport, no commercial traffic flies regularly there.


Wow man, sad. Hoping something changes.


I feel like a LCC or ULCC will eventually fly out of SBD

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What a beautiful airport. Hopefully a few airlines start flying there.


Can I go there and muck around in the airport, and just do roleplays and stuff?

Amazing. No words. Sad, wasteful. I actually used to fly out of San Bernardino in IF

Yes, as planes become more efficient (cheaper to operate), more low demand routes will be flown.


Hope they see more traffic soon

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That Airport has huge possibility , but on another note anyone notice the KLM MD11??

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I don’t think it will happen.

IMO, I don’t think it will happen.

Thanks for sharing!

Probably why you see the MD-11 is because the video is from 2014.

Still, according to the most reliable source in the world, it does not receive any traffic.

I think Virgin America does servicing their

UPS to fly cargo flights into San Bernadino (San Bernadino country sun)

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about time. airport is desolate :/ KONT is always busy

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