Will ATC know I'm away?

I’m about 50 landings away from grade 3 and I need a little help! I normally do long haul flights from night to morning! I start flight at 10 pm and land at around 8 am. I do this in the training server and I was wondering If I could still do this in expert. It seems that expert is super strict and if you don’t follow, tune into, or communicate to atc you will be sent down or reported. I don’t want to risk flying into a airspace that has a controller managing New York center while I’m still asleep and he reports me. Will atc know I’m away or will this even happen! I normally start managing my flight about 10 minutes from TOD on my long haul flight and short haul. Thx

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You will not be reported. You’ll be marked as “away” to center.


So if I’m tuned into no frequency. They will see I’m away

In Infinite Flight, if you don’t actively touching to your screen for a couple of minutes, the system automatically marking you as away and it says for how long you are away. This makes others in air traffic understand that you are not active on your deivce and thus nothing happens. You just need to be active on landing and approach and critical moments like descending and climbing.

You can observe this yourself by clicking other planes, you will see a mark in some users says “away”

You can also check your airplane from computer or another deivce from this link


If you are using laptop for work or for some other stuff, you can set reminders or alarms to certain moments of your flight and it sends reminder to your computer, for example 10 minutes to TOD or 30 minutes to arrive at your destination. This is useful for long flligts and you can also see where you fly in a 3D physical map which also shows municipalities you fly over. I suggest it.


Any aircraft that are marked as ‘away’ during cruise should not be disturbed by Center controllers, and if a conflict does arise at cruise, it will be recognised as unintentional.

However, this does not apply to phases of climb and descent.


Ok thx so much for the help

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You can do it on the expert server. Couple things to remember. Make sure you keep your Mach below .87.
Set your altitudes in the FPL and remember when you start you TOD. (Set an alarm if need be).Be sure to be around for that to monitor your rate of decent.
I check the ATC schedule for the day I’m flying to see if the Tower/APP/Center will be controlled.
If you’re away and ATC tries contacting you, they’re pretty understanding if you don’t check in. They can see your FPL and will understand if you’re away. Especially in long distance flights. Ie- KJFK-EGLL


Hope to see you soon on the expert server!

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If ATC is active while you are asleep, you will be marked as “away” like how everyone here s saying.


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