Will_A's ATC Tracking Thread - Practical test passed!

Hello everyone!

Written test passed. Thanks for the help guys!

I’m still open for more though! Come to EDDM for some fun :)

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Hey just for the notice you have MMUN in the title but in the post you have MMPR :)

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Tip: have a read of this.


I saw that post and checked them out beforehand! Thanks for the heads up :)

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nice work, I gave my tips to you in DM. keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing you in the IFATC slack soon! cheers!

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I will be open for 8 more minutes. (Until 3:30 EST). Thanks to all who came and helped out!

Runway 26 in use
Pattern work accepted
Feedback appreciated
Will be open for 30 minutes.

Open at MDPC

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Hey. I was EC-DCP.

  • At my 2nd round, forget my sequence to follow @KC3DLL . Then forget sequence @Guxk behind me.

  • Little bit of conflict allowing at the same time rws. 8 & 9 for landings. They crossing on final and can be dangerous.

  • Forget my “exit runway” comand. Stay tunned if aircraft on runway slow to 60kts. or below, told him “exit runway when able”.

Regards. Dani.


I noticed this, just didn’t want a 787 doing patterns with you guys. The amount of 360’s would be crazy. That’s why I called his base many times. My bad on the sequencing. I figured that if I told you number two you would know who to follow. Should I be sequencing every time?

Thanks for the feedback!

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Yes. Sequence every aircraft after takeoff, for know who follow who.

Your skills are good :)


Hey I was N776DL… good job, few things to work on…

  • Ground control was spot on, A+ for the “you were already instructed to change frequency”

  • takeoff clearance was good

  • as @DaniCP said you need to sequence, just saying number 2 when you give a clearance isnt enough

  • good job on the RWY change in giving a pattern entry and saying left traffic in the clearance

  • Try and pay closer attention to where planes are on the rwy and in the pattern, for my first go around you shouldve seen he was still on the rwy and told me to go around… You did redeem yourself on the 2nd time when I turned right behind @Guxk


  • For remaining in the pattern (EVERY TIME)- after takeoff, give a sequence IF NEEDED (more then one plane doing patterns on a singular RWY) Then give a clearance for the option EVERY TIME
  • if someone Is coming from outside your airspace to land- give a pattern entry, sequence if needed, then give a clearance to land
  • if remaining in the pattern and they request a RWY change OR comming from outside your airspace for a touch and go- ALWAYS give a pattern entry for the new RWY. Then IF NEEDED give a sequence. Then ALWAYS give a clearance for option making left or right traffic


In my experience you seem to have a pretty good understanding of ATC procedures you just need more practice with multiple planes remaining in the pattern so you can work on sequencing.


Thanks for the kind words.

I do think I should have chosen an airport with parallel runways, and the odd runways here made it quite challenging.

It seems like this is the main issue that I had, and I’m going to work on it tomorrow and Saturday before I try to take the exam on Sunday.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out, I truly appreciate it.


Hi, I was XS-741F heavy (the 787 that you didn’t want doing patterns with the props lol)

Honestly it probably would have been great practice having me do patterns with the props.(That’s actually why I switched from a tbm 930 to a 787 when I spawned in)

You also could have cleared me for the option sooner (try to at least clear me once I enter downwind)

Also, when I landed I noticed an aircraft had to go around cause I was still on the runway. This definitely could have been avoided so pay more attention in the future.

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Yes, it was quite the challenge having you in the mix!

I’m not so sure about this one. The only available exit was at the end of the runway, meaning that it would take a large amount of time to exit the runway. When you went below 70 knots, the other aircraft was already on base. I had no choice.
Thanks for joining, and I appreciate the challenge!

Hey, disregard my comment on the aircraft having to go around. I was in a hurry so I didn’t have time to revise my comment. I think the aircraft turned base too early on purpose to see if you would tell them to go around. There was nothing you could really do to prevent the go around. Also, I forgot to comment on the things you did well on:

Ground was perfect, you didn’t unnecessarily tell me to expect a runway for pushback when there was only one way to position myself on the taxi way.

Good job on giving me a pattern instruction when you told me to change runways. Some people just clear for the option right way (which is wrong, but I think you already know that).

Good job overall, I don’t really have any advice that wasn’t already said on what you need to work on. So I wish you good luck on the exam!

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I am open!

MMMX Mexico City
Pattern Work Allowed
Feedback Appreciated

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Just changed your title to open!.. it may help you to get some people if advertised open 😂

Thought I did that already… my bad.

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Thanks to all who came! I’ve improved a lot over the past four sessions and I can’t thank you all enough. Hopefully I will pass my written!