Will airlines pay for you to fly in the future?

Very true. Ticket prices will fall but airlines will sell the ‘luxuries’. Want to bring a bag, food, pillow/blanket, headphones? Better pay. I bet they’ll start charging for drink service too. But if people are asking for lower fares thats what it’ll come down to. No one “needs” any of the above, especially on short/medium hauls.

I flew with sunwing recently and they charged $3 for their headphones for inflight entertainment. That was personally a first for me lol. Luckily I had my iphone/my own headphones with netflix movies already downloaded ;)


If that happens lol. I will fly everyday

Yea. That’s what it said in the article. Profit comes from the amenities during the flight instead of the ticket price.

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cue Russian accent “In Muzzer Russia, you don’t pay ticket. Ticket pays you.”

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