Will airline business go down if computer pilots are implemented ?

Hi guys Gman here wondering if you guys think airline company’s would go down if computer pilots were implemented or not. I think they would because more passengers would be afraid to fly knowing that a computer is flying a plane and could break down any moment. I definetly would not fly on one. It’s my opinion let me know thanks :). Sorry if this is a duplicate :)

  • No of course airline company business’s would not go down are you insane
  • Yes they would go down who would want to fly with computers in charge

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What do you mean?

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I don’t think airline businesses will ever go down…

The Aviation industry is constantly innovating and we as people must innovate with Aviation! What you could see is the start of flying higher and faster above FL600! Trust me it’s coming as well as commercial space flights to the International Space Station which could also be manned by robots. However there will always be a back up somewhere and somehow! That’s if you go by the good book of Physics!

My advice, watch this space, literally!


John Gerard Killeen,
Student Pilot ~ Sligo Aero Club


Say computers are in charge of piloting a plane more passengers would feel unsafe to fly. And less passengers it doesn’t matter if prices are 1 Dollar from London to lose amgeles for first class . I believe more people value lives more than some cheap flight. Less people would fly because it’s unsafe

No, the airlines will be fine. Within 10 years people will be used to self driving cars / robo taxis… that’s well before a clean sheet design which eliminates the pilots is launched. Let’s say 2030 - 2040 at the earliest.

By that time, people will routinely be operated on by robotic surgeons and automation in general will be “normal”.

The airlines themselves will love it! Fewer crew costs, the aircraft themselves will be flown with such precision to mitigate delays and eek out every last bit of fuel efficiency. And the computers will probably have far superior handling skills, so they will be better in bad weather… fewer go arounds when there are crosswinds etc.

The airlines will push the manufacturers very hard to make this happen.

  1. You seem like you really want pilots outta here lol
  2. Cars are way different than planes they are still lots of self driving cars that have caused tons of crashes
  3. What proof do you have that the plane will fly more safer when my own computer always acts up
  4. What are you going to do with all the pilots Huh ?
    Anyway I do understand some points :)
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I know most passengers will fear including myself but as time goes on and the computers don’t crash planes, people will love flying and airlines will increase and it will go on to be the most common way of transportation. I am no expert, this is my own thoughts and thinking.

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Point #1 - Nothing against them, I have my PPL myself and have a few airline pilot friends.

Point #2 - Well the thing is that flying a plane is easier than driving a car. I mean by a lot. So if you can get the self driving cars working (and they are soooo close even now) then planes will be a piece of cake in a few years.

I do concede though that getting the avionics and systems certified is an order of magnitude harder than cars, because the authorities will want more evidence that it’s safe for passengers. But that will get sorted.

Point #3 - You have layers of redundancy to make it extremely unlikely all systems will fail. You could have 8 different computers scattered in different locations in the aircraft, each alone able to fly the aircraft - each with it’s own independent backup power supply systems.

The fly by wire airliners from Airbus and Boeing have never suffered a total fly by wire system failure which lead to the plane plummeting out if the sky - so even that proves we are basically there with 1980s tech. The challenge is the integration of it all.

Plus the computer processing power companies like Nvidia are developing is insane. You could literally have a plane that detects, diagnoses and remedies a problem or fault, faster than a human can blink.

Point #4 - Dunno… they are smart guys and girls, they will find something else to do I’m sure.

Ok I am laughing so hard right now. You said a car is harder to drive than a Plane. It takes 3 years to become a airline pilot you need to study for a couple more years to get your pilots liscense. And it take at least 3 months to learn how to drive a car and about a year to become a fluent driver and use to driving . You know how many controls are in a plane. It’s not like infinite flight you don’t just set flaps , gear up and down , set altitude and speed, and put on autopilot . Most kids my age already know how to drive a car . Please that’s complete nonsense . But I do understand some points except the point about pilots can find something else to do. That’s like infinite flight saying " oh hey sorry guys were gonna stop running infinite flight and spend our money on making toys for little kids ,maybe x plane or Aerofly 2 can make global. Don’t worry guys there’s other games you can play besides infinite flight, bye !! " . Please that’s not how the world works. I’m not trying to make enemies on this community so let’s just leve it there :)

I wold never fly on a plane with computer pilots.

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Flying an aircraft is actually easier and safer than driving a car because you don’t rely fully on pilots to vector themselves and maintain visual separation all the time! It’s split into thirds, Captain First officer and Air Traffic Control!

Look at the stats for air crashes against road crashes! The difference is astonishing!

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I would say business may go down with computer pilots. I know that when I fly I would always want two trained pilots monitoring the plane and keeping us safe.

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