Will Air Force One be retiring?

With 747’s being retired across many different airlines, do you think the U.S. Government will retire Air Force One and move to something like an A340?

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It’s being switched to a 747-8 I believe. The 742 will be going out of service


In 2017 Boeing will deliver two 747-8 aircraft, to function as Air Force One.

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No just the 747-200 is being replaced with a 747-800i

Interesting, didnt know that

There are two aircraft that can become Air Force One at any time.
The two current 747-200’s will be replaced by two 747-8 aircraft in 2017.
They are supposed to be the two last non-freighter versions of the 747-8 to be delivered.

how long do you think they will be in commission?

A long time. It’s a huge investment.


I think there’s info about Air Force One in this documentary.
Not sure though.


thanks, I am gonna watch it.

Air Force 1 will be a 747 for some time to come :)

They would never get a plane made in another country. They will forever stuck with Boeing at least. The Air Force announced they purchase a Boeing 747-8 for the next Air Force one. I forget when it’s entering service, but they are retiring the current one(s). The 747 has a little longer at least with the government.


Isn’t Air Force Two (the VP’s jet) a 757? I wonder if that will stick around longer, and whatnot would be replace by.

Also, I don’t think the U.S. government would buy aircraft from Airbus. They probably use Boeing, as it an American company.

Yes but Airbus just started making planes in the U.S, so is this next?

It would be cool if it was replaced by a 787.

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787 is a bit small though. AF1 serves a lot of purposes, and I think only a fairly large aircraft that can house all of its facilities qualify.


No. It’s a french based company. They would stick with all American made stuff.

That would be like a slap in the face if they got Airbus to do it (nothing against them)

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Air Force one is literally the White House with wings lol

Maybe it could fit in a 787-10

No way Jose. Air Force one has so much on board. A double decker plane is packed to the brim with stuff.