Will A380 have a future?

Is it possible to see such a panel on the A380?
I hope to still fly an A380 with such a panel.


You can vote for the rework here: Airbus A380 Rework

I too hope that one day it is reworked. It’s such a great aircraft.

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I saw that there are many requests as it is one of the best planes of Infinite and undoubtedly along with the 747 the most challenging.
Seeing the 747 with the illuminated dashboard at night and the all-dark A380 makes everyone very sad.
Thanks to the team who at least fixed the hole in the cockpit.

I have doubts so I posted here.
Are the requests answered or what is best for the team?
How do decisions work?

I think at most I flew 30 times with other aircraft to learn and test.