Will A220 be enough?

Will a220 be enough ?

Airbus 220 is coming. Brand new aircraft which was originally designed by Bombardier and was known as C-series not the present Airbus 220. A220’s are gonna feel up all infinite flight servers as soon as it’s gonna be released, we all know that. And that causes the following:

  • Awful traffic at well known airports like KLAX; EGLL and so on

  • Shortage of pilots in Central Asia as most gonna be flying somewhere in Europe or the US

  • Possibility for go arounds or ATC instructions which is gonna keep you in air for pretty long time as the airports gonna be extremely crowded

Even though we still manage to get good experiences, however how we can solve those situations and make our flights even more enjoyable ? Everyone has their own solution for that. That may be adding more 3D airports, having more new aircrafts and etcetera. And my solution is:

Adding more liveries. More liveries = More routes and considering the fact that Central Asia is the most UNCROWDED, adding liveries like Uzbekistan airlines, Air Astana, SKAT and others would easily solve the problem

Liveries I personally prefer
  • Air Astana

  • SKAT

  • airMANAS

  • FlyArystan

  • Turkmenistan airlines

  • Somon air

  • Uzbekistan airways

  • Azerbaijan airlines

Hope that you found this post interesting and share with other IFC members


I agree with you, but if you want new liveries (and so a wider spread of planes) you should vote for them in the features category.

On my opinion, there’s a possible that the dev’s may add more surprised features aside A220. As stated above, you can request and vote for liveries

this is just speculation :)
Be careful with speculation as it almost always leads to disappointment

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I said “there is a possible”. It means it may or not be. I’m not speculating

Hey, you’ve posted the exact same post before and was closed and unlisted. I believe a moderator has also added to why it was closed and unlisted.

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While I totally agree, there isn’t really anything we can do but vote for the features, and hopefully they’ll come, here are the feature requests of a few pictures mentioned above.

Please vote for them there instead! As topics like these aren’t really allowed.


This has been a recurring observation new content or not. No matter what is offered, there will be people flocking to larger airports because of the fact that they are. Do I think more people should see and explore central Asia including the addition of those liveries? Yes.

But we have to consider the fact that larger airports will always be most popular no matter what you offer at them. This is basic community preference that would be nearly impossible to change.


Closed for the same reason as the last one :)