will a model plane glide?

Model planes, most av-geeks have them. They are a great decoration for a room, and they are a great way to express your passion.
Image result for gemini 200 Delta A350
I mean, look at this beauty.
But here’s the thing. A model follows the design of a real aircraft, it’s just 200/400/500/whatever times smaller. So if a real airplane flies, its 200-times-smaller little brother should be able to fly too, right?
Listen, I know that a model plane does not have engines to power them, but a plane glides! Does that mean if I go up to the rooftop and throw my Gemini200 Delta A350-900 off, it will glide to the ground?
See I see one problem with that, being that you can’t control a model plane, which means you can’t flair it, thus, hard landings. But if I have a big flat grass strip, wouldn’t that solve the problem? (or at least make the aircraft bear less damage)
What are your thoughts? Will a model plane glide? Will it stay in decent form in air or gain any lift at all?
Well there is one way to find out! Go up to your rooftop and throw that $100 plane off the roof!
(Just kidding please don’t do that!)


Seems like there’s a great way to test it…

(Joking, unless you want to put some money into an experiment)

LOL see my edit.

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It’s gonna break into pieces…

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I think it should be just fine if you toss it off!sarcasm:)

right, but would it stay in the air in decent form, meaning not like turning upside down while it is in air?
Would it get any lift at all?

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Have a feeling that it would just fall out of the sky

I’m pretty sure it’s over MTOW. 😄

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But it isn’t taking off, I’m launching it, giving it speed and altitude as it leaves the roof.

Well it’s heavy. It might fly if If the wings can produce enough lift to make it glide, but the wings in model planes aren’t flexible, so it won’t produce lift, but that’s what I think

Also if you have money lying around and don’t mind breaking one of your $100 Gemini200 models for testing purposes, then go ahead and give it a try

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So what you’re saying is that a heavy die-cast model (like Gemini or JCWings) won’t glide, but a lightweight plastic one, (like Daron or SkyMarks) might glide?

Plastic maybe if the wings are hollow I think


I mean, you can always just get an RC airplane, or you can custom build your own RC plane so you can fly it

I don’t want a flying plane lol, this just popped into my mind when I was trying to sleep last night.

Simple answer: no it won’t fly. It simply doesn’t have the exact aerodynamic specifications that an aircraft has that enables them to glide, as well as the fact that’s it’s extremely heavy for it’s size.


I see. I hate it when things pop up when i want to sleep.

But a Gemini200 diecast plane won’t glide at all, as it’s made to be for static display purposes only, that’s unless you go to a very high place and throw it forward, then it just might, might glide, but I doubt it since it’s made of metal and very heavy.

Again, if you have money lying around, and don’t mind destroying a beautiful 1:200 scale Delta Airlines A350 for testing purposes, then give it a go.

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It is supposedly exactly to scale though. It would have these features.
Think of a flaps down model I guess. Herpa (which makes plastic models) made some flaps down B787-8 for Boeing. Would these fly?

It still won’t fly, even with flaps down. It’s just not made for flight, it’s made to be viewed and collect dust

Lol, my Delta is not going anywhere. It’s staying right in my dorm room.

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It’s made out of metal…

It’s not going to fly obviously