Will a different camera view help?

I had a question as I do my first long haul of 20.1. I understand the 19.4 long haul crash bug is fixed but does having the camera view at the ceiling still help with performance of a flight or no?

Just asking given the servers and sim are struggling with all the pilots enjoying 20.1 at once :)


It will conserve your RAM because of the decreased load for a lack of scenery. It will still prevent crashes too, you must keep in mind that crashes can happen at any time.


different strategies work better for different devices, point the camera at the ceiling/floor may prevent a crash by removing the need to load scenery, but if you were to move it back, Iā€™d imagine the scenery would all have to load instantly which could be problematic.

personally, I go into scenic mode, which helps prevent screen freeze/crash. android has a really useful game idle mode, where the screen pretty much turns off completely, but the actual apps are unaffected.


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