Wildfire Tanker Drop

Good Morning All!
I decided a few days ago to conduct a tanker mission to aid in the wild fire fight in Australia. Here are some of the pictures from the flight!Heavily edited

Flight Info

Took off on the casual server from YMML and flew East. Flew over a few areas to plan the best route of attack and dove in! Then returned to YMML.


Departing through a thick smog

Arriving on Scene for the Drop!

View through PIC window

See the fires in the distance…
Safe return with a melted butter, AKA greasy landing

Let me know how you all feel about them!


Number 3 looks over edited.
Number 4 & 5 look amazing, think they are not over edited for me! :) 🤩


Definitely had the most trouble with number 3. Lol. But I really like the one viewing the fires from a distance.

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oh my god this is a bit too realistic
i was a bit confused why there was fire intil i read the topic title

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Wow the editing is really realistic!

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