Wildfire fighting

Due to the recent events here in Tennessee we have two wildfires going and are being battled currently. In total there are three helicopter a Bell 406, UH-1, and a Blackhawk fighting these fires from the air. This topic includes the Bell 406

In these photos N407TD a helicopter from Montana takes water from a pond and flies over to the Hatcher mountain/indigo lane fire as well as returning from dropping water. I may have more tomorrow I’m not sure yet depending on circumstances

This is also my first genuine spotting topic so let me know how I did thank you for looking.

And also here is a photo of the fire form behind a mountain

Edit: for this I used a Canon Rebel T7 : Lens used ; Canon Zoom Lens EF 75-300mm


Wow what great efforts from those pilots! Stay safe!

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Oh yeah and they came from Montana to Tennessee which is crazy!

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Oh wow thats crazy!

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