Wild west training server

Should there be some kind of order in the training server. ? Planes are all over the place everyone does what they want. Why have ATC? Perhaps some kinda basic structure.

Unfortunately, we can’t do so much since is Training Server, which it has the purpose to make pilots better before entering the expert server. Adding on that, the ATC is also learning about that, which in this case it can make a horrible service too.

Hi there! Most users are still new when they access the training server so they may not know how to act accordingly thus why we have the expert server. ATC is there to give users the opportunity to experiment with the ATC aspect of the simulator. Violations are introduced on this server so that the trolling and other negative behaviors can be limited. If you have any further questions feel free to ask. I can say that if you aren’t already on the expert server you are in for a treat once you reach that point. ;)

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