Wild Weather Atlantic Crossing

Just a weather warning as I approach TrackA heading from Heathrow to New York . 140 knot head winds right now at Sunot waypoint really putting the 777 through it’s paces.

That’s the Atlantic Ocean in a nutshell 😂

Safe travels!


Thats insane highest I’ve ever had is 115 and I’ve flown over a 1000 hours

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@Thunderbolt thanks! I am sideways

Dropped a little 120 now it got to 143

I bet its killed your ETA whats your flight time going to be.

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On the track now 4,46 left there is a Lufthansa about 100 miles behind me who is just about to cop what I went through. 😂

He’ll be flying backwards with that headwind.

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😂 too funny s/he is in it now !

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