Wild ride AA1897 KSAT - KPHX

A319 flew through hail storm. Nose cone obliterated. Windscreen cracked.

Guessing we dropped a few thousand feet with the turbulence. Like 2-3 sec air time. Drinks on the ceiling.

Oh well glad to be on the ground in El Paso waiting for another aircraft to complete the journey.


Were you on the plane? (you must be) That must’ve been one hell of an experience!


I believe there is already a topic about this:

Maybe, post your pictures there :)



Wow! Was that the A319 that went 7700? Hope you and everyone else is okay.


I believe he is sharing his expirences as he was in the flight


That’s fine, just a suggestion.

Here you can clearly see the 2 side windows missing and the front windshield shattered. This occurred at about FL360


Yeah! This was on flightradar24

Wow… How in the hell that the radome is gone…

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Wait the windos were missing?

Also ground crew was trying to visualy signal you guys for like 5 muinets 😂

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Also ground crew did a visual inspection while you were taxing, since the captin asked if the rest of the aircraft besides the windows was good, and they said “ya, looks good” that radar dome does not look “good”

That’s pretty crazy for the nose come to be destroyed. Dropped a few thousand feet?!? It might feel like that but probably in reality only 10-20 feet.

Though looking at flight radar there was quite sharp drop then climb from 34,000 to 32,000 feet


That must have been crazy! I’m assuming you were on the flight. Glad you are OK!

Oh my goodness, whelp, I’m glad your doing fine! That must have been freaky.

My god that freaked me out just looking at that! That is insane, glad you are safe though.

Wow… A319s are durable. Hope everyone is ok.

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Are you sure the side windows aren’t just open?

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Airbus really built the plane well. Pilots did well also. I am glad you are all safe.

Glad to know you and everyone on this flight were ok Kilt!

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