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I just noticed that the Infinite Flight wikipedia page is extremely lacking. Could someone who has a lot of wikipedia experience maybe update it with more recent information?

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You can try. Others tried before, so did I.
Infinite Flight - Project Wikipedia

But it’s extremely difficult as you need multiple valid and independent sources for a Wikipedia article. Otherwise, your changes will be rejected by a Wikipedia Administrator. And unfortunately, Infinite Flight isn’t featured in too many independent sources that are valid to be used in a Wikipedia article.


Will it let you cite community articles if they’re posted by staff members? Like if there was a section about IF’s VNAV, would you be allowed to cite Jason’s VNAV announcement article?

I’m not a Wikipedia Administrator. But no, probably not. An independent source is something that was published on a platform that is not affiliated with Infinite Flight from a user who is not affiliated with Infinite Flight. That’s what makes it so difficult. @naro used to be a Wikipedia Admin. Maybe he can clarify it a bit.

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