Wikipedia links coming in mobile mode

This has been annoying me for a while, when I click a link and find that the forum servers link me to the webpage, in mobile mode. Can this be fixed so the device will automatically choose the mode appropriate for it?

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The easiest solution would be to ditch Internet Explorer for Chrome. I’ve never had any of this nonsense with Google.


If I use Chrome, my history will be tagged with my mum’s email. Besides, is this a browser issue or the servers treating different browsers differently?

You can sign out of her email really easily.

I think it might be something with your browser. Have you tried resetting your browsing history, cookies, etc… that is usually the first thing to try.

Yeah but then I’ll be yelled for doing that. I did the resetting thing 3 weeks back (the issue was still there before). I’ll retry that.

Make sure when you do the reset, it isn’t only browsing data, it is also cookies, and any website data.

As for the issue you have with Chrome, it is really easy to switch back and forth, it is literally one click to change. Google won’t even ask you to reenter your password.

Did it, the problem remains. Well, I guess I have to switch to Chrome or stay on Edge and suffer. Not a big deal, but It confused me how other websites link me to desktop mode while this one sometimes doesn’t. Does someone know why this happens?

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Is the issue only on the IFC? If you try clicking on a wikipedia link from another website, what happens?

It goes to desktop mode always (of course provided it isn’t a phone or tab)

This bug happens on Google (to Chrome’s right in the taskbar in the first post) and Mozilla Firefox as well

I have never used mobile mode and I use IFC on my iPad and phone On Desktop mode And everything works perfectly and to be honest I think it looks better on desktop mode

And I’ve never had these problems on it

Oh boy, Google Chrome’s screwing this up as well on Incognito Mode.

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And this will not be a search engine related problem as a search engine just decodes the website information to text we understand and it could possibly be a browser issue but not a engine related one

There should be no reason you going incognito To visit IFC

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You could possibly have a virus, or maybe an extension causing these issues. Do you have some antivirus software on your computer?

I checked non-Incognito as well just now:

Norton, could that cause it?

No, I was going to suggest letting it run a scan.

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Okay, doing a full scan now (might take a while for 1 TB)

Regardless someone mentioned something earlier about the server treating browsers differently the server only handles the website information your browser is what’s used to display it The search engine is what used to handle it