Wikipedia Editing Team

A Wikipedia page needs to be up to scratch, correctly punctuated, lengthy (but not too long) and not written by 10 year olds. The Infinite Flight Wikipedia page is none of these. It represents FDS, the community and the pilots awfully. If you become rich and famous, would you want a Wikipedia page written about you carelessly? This is why I am starting the Wikipedia Editing Team. I will be looking for users who know how to write efficiently and well. We want to be competing with X-plane or FSX’s pages. Infinite Flight is a flight simulator, after all. Once we complete the Infinite Flight page, we should look into creating a page for FDS, they deserve credit!

I will be looking around the forum for good writers, however, there will be a wiki below for Regulars to enter their names into. If you aren’t a Regular, don’t panic! You can just reply to this topic. I will then look at your posts and topics. Please don’t join if you aren’t committed or will give up. I might perhaps change the name to Wikipedia Editing Group. Doesn’t pack quite as much of a punch, but the acronym is better ;)

A wiki will follow this post shortly.

I have @Carson and @Henrik’s approval on this idea.


I’m pretty sure @Wren_Jago was going to do this, maybe ask him if he is already in the process of it.


Where’s @JoshFly8 this guy is the beast incarnate of writing stuff, trust me he would write paragraphs on the IFATC page group chat

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Regulars! Enter your names below :)

We might possibly merge.

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I don’t think an entire team is needed for this. Also, I think Wikipedia is planning on taking down the Infinite Flight page as well as the FDS page.

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An entire team already exists that I was unaware of. We will probably merge.

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Yeah… a team isn’t a good idea. Wikipedia is all about unbiased, impartial “neutral” articles. It’s going to seem too orchestrated with a team. Go for it if you guys want, but remember to blame @henrik for any issues that could arise.


That’s why I’d rather do it myself and get the whole thing burned out in one evening. Just sayin’ :)


Duly noted 😂