[WIKI] Project Sunrise Tracking Thread

Project Sunrise Tracking Thread

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I present the project sunrise tracking thread. Here we can discuss updates in the Project Sunrise mission and display information about it. I will have a section to discuss what we know about it. This post is also a wiki, meaning all users above TL3 can edit.

What We Know


Semi-Confirmed Destinations

  • London (SYD/MEL)

  • New York (SYD/MEL/BNE)

  • Frankfurt (SYD/MEL/BNE)

  • Chicago (SYD)

  • Paris (PER/SYD/MEL)

8/25/17; Sydney/Melbourne to London/New York

“We want to offer direct flights to Europe not only from Perth but from the eastern states as well,” he (Alan Joyce) said.

“That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Qantas will challenge Boeing and Airbus to deliver an aircraft capable of flying regular direct services like Sydney-London, Brisbane-Paris and Melbourne-New York non-stop with a full payload by 2022. This is the latest frontier in global aviation.”

Source; RoutesOnline


12/13/19; Qantas has selected the Airbus A350-1000 for the mission

Qantas has made the choice of up to 12 A350-1000 planes fitted with an extra fuel tank for flights of up to 21 hours

“The A350 just seems to be a much safer bet,” he (Qantas CEO) said. “And safety is at the core of everything that Qantas does including its brand.”

In particular, the A350-1000 is already flying commercially, while the 777X has yet to take its first flight.

Source: Business Insider


12/13/19; Qantas to Begin Flights in the First Half of 2023

“The Qantas flights would begin in the first half of 2023, but remain subject to reaching a pay deal with pilots, who would need to extend their duty times to around 23 hours to account for potential delays and switch between flying the A350 and the airline’s current A330 fleet. A final decision on an order is expected in March, the airline said.”

Source: Business Insider

Important Updates


Additional Information


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Bookmarked this! Hoping to see Project Sunrise come to Toronto!


Great topic!

Just remember to give the owner of the picture some credit.


Oh yeah, wouldn’t wanna get in trouble!


Everything here is on the Project Sunrise list:

Qantas also recently added Frankfurt to the Project Sunrise list:
Qantas Selects The A350-1000XWB For Project Sunrise & Adds Frankfurt To The List


Regarding this…

No offense, but Airliners isn’t a great source, especially that opinion-based thread.

MSP and DTW… just no. Detroit is literally a meme on Airliners. It “needs service from every destination and airline”.


Thanks for letting me know. I’ve removed It from the list.

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Atlanta would be really nice. I don’t know if there’s much demand for a direct ATL-SYD or ATL-MEL rather than a connecting flight in LAX though.


Origin and destination demand, maybe not.

But the amount of connections Delta offers from Atlanta could successfully fuel a flight to Australia or New Zealand.

So… they’d need an airline to partner with them as they don’t really have the aircraft for the route.

But Atlanta to Auckland is actually 400 miles shorter than Atlanta to Johannesburg.

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What about their A359?

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Oh, interesting

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8,000 miles of range, so it can’t make the ATL-SYD flight and it falls short of the 8,096 miles for ATL-AKL


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Then could the 777-200LR make it?

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Atlanta to Auckland, definitely.

Sydney… might fall short.

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They could also purchase the Qantas A350 model

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I’ve PM’d Chris_S to ask to make this a wiki

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They could, but I don’t think Delta’s interested in ultra long-haul flying.

But hey, the 777-200LRs are gonna be gone one day so they’ll need a replacement.

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cough 777X coughs again

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Thank You @Chris_S for making this a wiki. :)

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