WIII not loading

WIII fail to load after a flight from singapore cleared scenery cache before arrival and thats what i always do and yet the airport dont load. Airport load as normal before the update and @Aviator_SG encounter the same issue with me. Other airport loaded perfectly without issue and only occur at WIII nothing to do with scenery cache. Is anyone else experience the same issue?
Device:Xiao mi 10T pro
Operating system: Android 11

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For details, I did clear scenery cache and extended my approach

It failed to load.

Here’s a photo taken on my second attempt(I tried to make it load twice with both failing)

This is a known issue for player I would suggest going to your graphics rendering graphics to a medium 3D Objects density to a medium Rendering Resolution to a medium and put everything to low

So basically:
All graphic settings=medium
Airplane count=low

Here you go

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