WIII is coming in 3D!

Yes, it looks great when you have everything in detail including the landside of the airport. What i mean about you cant bring the brifdgeway down, because theres no way you can slope a bldg or any structure by now… so you have to make it elevated all the time. :)

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Omg! This looks soo stunning!😍😍


Asian airports are about to be bustling again :')

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WIII is in jakarta,indonesia why did you announce singapore

more southeast asian airports. I love how IF now has a region in every contient of the world(non-pro -subscriber-user)

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Because he was replying to me mate. I accidentally put Singapore and he corrected me.

YO THAT’S AWESOME, so much details! First thing ima do when it comes out is a direct flight from Dubai to Jakarta!